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Stress and Our Lives


The Western world is a frantic, dynamic, restless world. We are always in a race against the clock, wanting to get everything done in a hurry, never pausing to think about the stress that is formed in our bodies and affects every aspect of our lives. And, as if this is not enough, we add stressors from our past to the current stress– either from our experiences, or from those of our parents and family members.

These stressors affect our bodies (physical sensations), our souls (emotions) and our minds (thoughts), and they are diversely expressed: in our system of faith, patterns and habits that block us (mind); in tensed muscles, pain, illnesses (body); in environmental factors, behavior and communication (soul), and in every aspect of our regular conduct. They might also affect our progress throughout life: school, career, relationships, everyday functioning and our ability to heal ourselves.

Stressors are etched in our bodies, from our own experiences or from experiences genetically inherited from previous generations. There are even some cases known to have been influenced by reincarnation. These stressors have a very simple mechanism of action: when the body encounters a trigger, it reacts to the situation just as it had in the past, and it takes control over us.

When the stress bar is rising, we’re having trouble acting with enjoyment and motivation, and we feel stuck.

Stressors might have a negative impact on our creativity, ability to make decisions and draw conclusions, memory, information processing capacity, concentration, communications and even the movement of substances in our bodies. They might also impair our physical movement, in causing pain, muscle tension, sight/hearing difficulties, difficulty to react or to sleep etc.

We wish to succeed and offer our best to ourselves, our children and spouses. However, when stress is present in our bodies and controls them, consciously, subconsciously or bodily (cell memory), we find it very difficult and feel that we are stuck in a loop.

In fact, we are on autopilot mode, which does not produce results. Our feeling is that somebody else is running the show and they make it difficult for us to snap out of it. More than once, we find ourselves down in a hole without knowing why, or putting in a lot of effort, only to witness tiredness but no results. We then experience failures, which only act to create more stressors.

Who wouldn’t have liked to learn simple, yet smart, ways to help them be more relaxed and serene, as they function and use all their capabilities?

The foundation is the realization that our bodies are the machines that facilitate the release of stressors: it can cope with anger, cleanse negative emotions, live with awareness and positivity and function optimally, from a relaxed, serene place.

Here is a very simple tip for you to use whenever you feel the stress bar rising: at school, in lessons, in a group setting, before an exam, at work or at any other point when you feel stress. Make sure to apply the tip as soon as you can, once the stress is beginning to rise…

The secret tip is… Rubbing your palms together!!! Yes, you got it right. All you have to do is vigorously rub your palms together, until they get warm and begin to exude heat (you may also use the same technique to rub your ears).

What does the rubbing do?

Rubbing will instantly refresh you and allow you to go back to focusing on what you are doing.
Another quick tip for you… one of the things I strongly support is paying it forward, so feel free to pass this tip on to anybody of any age, and enable us all to look and feel different, as a society.