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Stress, Freedom and the Space Between

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How does stress affect health, happiness and even success? What are the tools that can help you cope with stress and diminish it?

I invite you to a life-changing workshop!
This unique, experiential workshop combines a wide array of practical, available tools for stress relief. These tools can be easily applied in real-time, in every part of your everyday routine: in the classroom, during a course, at home, in a meeting etc.

The experience I have accumulated during my 25 years of work in the clinic has led me to a crystal-clear conclusion: stress is the common denominator in backache, chronic conditions, coping with loss, confusion about life, inflammation, depression and others.

After all, we live in a frantic, dynamic, restless world, and we rarely pause to think about the stress that is formed in our bodies and affects every aspect of our lives.

As part of my calling, I have made it my mission to introduce to people the simple, available tools that are inside us, and around us, that can help us cope with stress.

Workshop Duration

2.5 hours

Target Audience

Adults, business owners, self-employed people and customers who seek a calmer, more productive work environment.

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