Sadeh Natural Healthcare Center

About Me

My name is Edith, a 25-year veteran mentor and lecturer in the evolvement and empowerment field. During the years, I have listened to people’s distresses and treated those using simple, available existing tools, and I believe that a change to healthier, happier and more relaxed lives can be created.

Home is where it all begins

I believe that there’s a direct link between the person I am today and my familial roots. I’ve been born to parents born in India, the third of four sisters. A mother of three and a grandmother of one, and every time I think about them my heart leaps. From my father I inherited my ability to connect physical worlds and spiritual worlds, as well as the comprehension of the complementary link between the inner light and the outer light into one body, even when at first glance only the prominence of one lit part is visible.
My late grandfather had been a physician and a pharmacy owner in India, where he concocted natural medicine that became renowned throughout India, and assisted many people of the area who approached him pro bono. His patience, giving and unconditional love formed a devotion that was but a bridge of light. My grandfather followed in the footsteps of his father, who I haven’t known personally. It then went on, from one generation to the next, and I consider myself his successor. I find a personal calling in helping people in distress, and I deeply wish for us to be a healthier, more accepting society.
Inside me, I know that I have the capability to bring something good into existence, and I am asked to carry it on, my own way.

My Journey

I know that I have never picked this profession, but rather it had chosen me… My journey had begun when I’d been only a young girl. I’ve looked at people and perceived so much more than my eyes have seen. Not only people, but also motion, color, texture… I’ve felt and understood, beyond the mind’s intellect, but at the time, it has mostly scared me.
As the years went by, I discovered the gift in this ability, and I went on to study, understand and enhance what I’d seen in myself.
With time, I realized that I’m different in my vision and the way I treat. I have enormous patience, listening capacity and an ability to hear between the lines and between the words being said, and I feel great responsibility for each and every word I tell a patient.
I know that I have a healing touch, a different touch. People keep telling me once and again: “There’s something different about your hands” and “Your touch alone shows your love for what you do and for the person in front of you”.

What I Believe

Our bodies are smart, very awake electric machines. I believe that every person has the ability to cope with anything that might come their way.
The therapeutic process enables every person to get to know themselves and their qualities, to consciously experience experiences and understand that they’re real, and to ultimately discover the understanding and the reality that they can and they make it. I would like to take you travelling down the path that brought me where I am today. The path that created from within myself and my own life what you’ll meet here.

Contact Us

The Sadeh Natural Healthcare Center

The center includes a private clinic and a workshop, lecture and individual counselling space. Treatments combine a wide array of self-healing methods, which facilitate the consciousness, empowerment and implementation of inner power. Treatments use touch, cooperation and awareness to create balance and unification between body, soul and spirit. The Sadeh Natural Healthcare Center enables every person to relate to, accept and love themselves as they are, through realizing that all we humans are similar yet different. As such, we have the choice and the responsibility for identifying and changing through consciousness, and for fulfilling our potential: our understanding that life can be lived in full through simplicity, passion and joy in what we have will make us a more accepting, more enabling society.

My Areas of Expertise

  • Various medical conditions, including fertility problems, stress, headaches, migraines, sleep problems, back and muscle pains etc.
  • Various issues and traumas, including bereavement, loss, divorce, adolescence social problems, dismissal, hostilities victims, war widows, issues originating in childhood etc.

Professional Background

Certified practitioner of various body-soul treatment methods

  • Expert reflexologist, a Reflexology Association member since 1995
  • Healing and bioenergy
  • Traditional aromatherapy
  • Reiki master
  • Behavioral kinesiology
  • “One Brain”
  • Aura-Soma, certified international Aura-Soma therapist registered with the Asiact Academy