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Workshop for Teenagers: Stress, Freedom And The Space Between

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How can teenagers cope with stress? Which tools are available to them for getting out of stressful situations?

In their everyday life, teenagers are required to cope with various stressors, resulting from exams, target achievement, relationships, bridging parents’ expectations, social life and school, natural evolvement (and its implications), ambitiousness and more. Sounds familiar? This workshop is designed exactly for your teenagers.

I invite you to a workshop which will enable teenagers to use simple tools, in real-time, to reduce stress and live differently. The workshop increases awareness and responsibility and provides teenagers tools they will use at present and in the future, throughout their mature life.

For me, it’s a wonderful calling, to know that today’s youngsters will have the means to live differently in the distant future, and to handle themselves differently, better and beneficently in all aspects of life.

Workshop Duration

2.5 hours

Target Audience


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