Edith Sadeh

Our Relationship with the Business and its Link to Success

אדם עסוק בהתבוננות

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to open your own business, to bring to life the idea that’s been nestled in your mind for years, to fulfill your dream, to be what you want to be and who you want to be! Your heart is filled with spaciousness and freedom, excitement accompanies your big passion about seeing the outcome of your vision come true… You’ve confided in your family, friends and others you’ve met along the way and received support and encouragement, which expanded your heart and drove your peak enthusiasm to be full of positive energy and beneficial for your business’s future, as well as your own.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – your new business is officially open! But, alongside the tremendous excitement, a nagging awareness lurks, of the massive expenses you have while the first dollar is yet to come. This is where your true journey begins. This is the tip of the gap between the dreams and the feelings that have set you on this road, and the reality of the race to meet the business’s needs and the need for revenues.

Some questions are arising. While some questions are internal – questions between a person and themselves: Is this really freedom, financial or internal, to me? Is the responsibility really solely mine? Is this what I truly want? – some are business-related: How do I create profits? How do I make my expenditure yield money? How much do I really want to make, and how do I make that happen?

In time, realization of the gap between the dream and the path to make it come true sinks, and your energy begins to shift. Suddenly, all your excitement, passion, wishes and dreams evaporate. You feel that the people who have supported you fade, and in the mirror, a tired, frustrated, scared, sometimes helpless person stares back at you. Your survival instinct kicks in and your mind is racing, but the worst thing is that, afraid of fear surfacing and feelings of failure emerging, you don’t let your emotional world in.

So, dear business owner, let’s go back to the source, to our starting point. Did you know that your choice of business and the way it is run are a direct reflection of you and of what happens inside of you?

Let’s try to understand, together, what happens to us as business owners. When we arrive at our business, we bring with us all our big dreams and desires, as well as who we are and what happens inside of us, and we deal with many things, which are supposed to drive the business to success. But in fact, the massive burden of the beginning creates an overwhelming, wavering feeling, and fear, feelings of failure and our individual blockages surface.

It’s important for every person to identify their own blockages. Often, we go through everyday routine automatically, and never pause to understand what happens to us and to listen to it. A business owner must ask themselves questions like: Who am I? What do I seek to bring into my business? What is my truth? Why can’t I achieve the targets I’ve set? Why are some areas easy for me, while others I find challenging?

A business can be described as a direct reflection of its owner and of what happens inside of them. Thus, when we seek to create movement in the business, we first have to create movement inside ourselves. Many claim that the business is separated from their personal lives. In reality, however, a business owner can’t really detach one from the other. Naturally, they bring the business into their relationships with their spouse and children, and vice versa – difficulties in interpersonal relationships end up reflected in the business – with a customer, a supplier or an employee! So, how can we get out of this mess?

The answer is that we can address it by bringing issues from the subconscious to the conscious mind in an experiential way, which allows us to ask questions and to reach insights through awareness and attentiveness. We must up and act – the whole point is to identify and change!

Through my work and reflection process, I bring out the other person’s understanding, which creates links to their skills, qualities and strengths, resulting in a shift in their way of thinking, acting, feeling and coping. The recognition that we don’t allow ourselves to feel, that we have an entirety of things that become our story, and that we will only be able to break the glass ceiling if we learn to know them – that’s where a person internalizes that they are capable and they make it! This is an evolvement, the moment in which the shift occurs internally to allow the change in the business and in all other areas of life. This is a major leap, and the change is also noticed by the surroundings, which then react to it.

Now, we seek to understand and identify through awareness, to clarify and to connect with the inner and outer sensory world. To reconnect with the internal power that’s within us. To identify the needs, wishes, desires, thoughts and emotional world, as emotions are our bridge to the outcome realm, it’s our way to transition from idea to target. Awareness allows us to identify and accomplish challenges – where I experience difficulties and what I can do differently. Business questions that arose – How can I improve my marketing? What sets me back? What is the fear of failure that make me lose my way? – can now be answered.

To sum up, the most important insights I want you to take from this article are:

  • Get to know yourself – because YOU are your business.
  • Even for a successful business, it’s important to keep evolving. Not only the business, but also the person who runs it, must be in an internal shift to allow for a positive change. Always aspire to evolve. Remember, when we evolve, identify and gather insights – good things happen, in all areas of life!
  • Act for yourself! Everybody can succeed, but when you don’t, it’s important to look into what didn’t work, and listen to the insights arising from your inner world!
  • Allow yourself to dare, to break through and to accept yourself just the way you are! Know that you can change your reality! You can succeed and you do!