Sadeh Natural Healthcare Center

An Experience with an Insight – Discover Your Inner Self

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What are your qualities? How can they be used to get out of being stuck? How is change created?

I invite you to an experiential, one-time session, in which we’ll observe your “inner self” through reflexology, we’ll get to know your qualities and set on our journey with insights.

In this session, you will meet the qualities you arrived into this world with. Through these qualities you will learn how to get out of where you are stuck in life, and understand that taking responsibility and action may lead to the desired change.

What will you find out in the reflexology treatment?

Our feet contain reflections of all the layers of our body: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Through our feet, we can observe our life journeys, our potential, and the ways in which we think, act, feel and cope.

At the end of the session, I will equip you with a package of insights about the way in which you can walk towards a better life in the future.

Session Duration

Two hours

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